What surface to invest in?

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The surface, a choice guided most of the time by the money. The surface area of the rental apartment will, logically, depend on the amount of money the investor is willing to put into the purchase price of the apartment or house. It also depends on the preferences of the buyer for his first rental investment. But still, profitability is the primary motivation.

The two-piece, a popular choice

Surface to invest inThe two-room apartment seems to provide a perfect balance between risk and return on investment while increasing the value of the property over the long term. The purchase price of a two-bedroom apartment is lower than that of a large apartment, the profitability is better and moreover, the tenants stay longer than in the studios. Generally, 2-room apartments are lived in by couples, so with a shared rent, the risk of non-payment is greatly reduced. This represents a security for your rental investment. In addition, the period during which tenants stay in the dwelling is largely higher, with an average of 4 years against only 1 year and a half for the studios. This frequent change of tenants affects profitability because of the cost of refurbishment.

The studio, the choice of profitability

Buying to rent a studio will logically be cheaper (in Paris, it is possible to find a studio for 140 000€) even if the market for small surfaces is special (notably due to the high demand) and the price perm2 will be higher than for large surfaces.

As previously mentioned, studios allow for a greater rental profitability than medium and large surfaces. This profitability must be able to compensate for the frequent turnover of which this type of housing is victim.

The main strength of studios is the rental demand which is very important. Indeed, a studio located near a university or school will have no trouble finding a tenant at the right price. This particular demand ensures a number of months in a year when the apartment will be occupied.

Large surfaces, a guaranteed stability

The rental real estate investment in large surfaces will necessarily provide a less important profitability than the small ones, an investor will thus have a less important return by investing in a large apartment of 700 000 euros rather than in several studios with an equal cumulated value. However, the tenants present are more loyal. As for the 2 rooms, the large surfaces interest particularly the families or couples thus ensuring a stability and a safety as for the regularity of the rents.

In conclusion 

Finding the right apartment for your rental investment means finding the right combination oflocation,layout and surface area. These three factors allow you to target a clientele and thus be able to think in the long term. Paris has a different market than the provinces, so a specific market study allows you to better prepare for your investment.

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