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Investing in a shared apartment

Investing in a shared apartment

  The investment in shared accommodation is generally a furnished rental for practical reasons. According to an article of law, it is defined as "the rental of the same dwelling by several

Investment property

Investing in an investment property

An investment property remains a fairly safe real estate investment until 2022. The full ownership of a building remains a good deal for those who know how to

Become an annuitant with real estate

Become an annuitant with real estate

What is a real estate annuitant? A real estate annuitant is a person who owns or has the right to use a rental property for the purpose of



Investing in a real estate company is fashionable, because this type of commercial company allows you to fully leverage your real estate loan. The formula

LMNP Complete Guide 2022

LMNP investment : Complete guide

 What is an LMNP investment ? An LMNP investment is an investment made under the status of non-professional furnished renter. The beautiful tax advantages that it

purchase resale real estate

Real estate resale purchase

How does the principle of buying and selling real estate work? The strategy of buying and selling real estate is simple. You find a property that you like, you

Why rely on a real estate hunter

Why rely on a real estate hunter?

A real estate project? Take advantage of the advantages of a real estate hunter! When you want to buy a property but lack time, but also when you are looking for a

Best rental profitability Île-de-France

Best rental profitability Île-de-France

The Greater Paris project will soon provide the Paris region with unprecedented infrastructure, which will enhance the value of its territories and send investors into a frenzy.

rental investment paris

Rental investment Paris

It's no surprise that Paris is an undeniably popular city, not least because of its intense economic activity and

Real estate assets

Build a real estate portfolio

Real estate is attractive because it remains a reassuring investment: less risky than the stock market, more tangible than crypto-currencies and more profitable than

LMNP accounting

LMNP accounting

Furnished rentals are considered to be profitable under the LMNP status, which offers significant tax advantages. If this is true,

rental real estate investment

Investment in rental property

Real estate rental investment is more popular than ever. It is safer today than life insurance or the stock market, provided you know the rules

renovation of an apartment building

Renovation of a building

Renovation following investment in an investment property has never been as topical as it is today, with the numerous aids from the public authorities aimed at

Real estate holding SCI

Real estate holding company - SCI

Renowned for developing one's real estate assets more than for investing in rental property, the creation of an SCI holding company is fashionable. But it is

Calculation of the IRR

Calculation of the IRR

Calculating the IRR is truly strategic to avoid bad investments. Here is a look at this complex but fundamental concept in real estate investment. What is the IRR

Invest Grand Paris

Invest Grand Paris

An unprecedented project in regional planning, which will make Paris one of the world's largest megacities, the Greater Paris project will usher in a new era for the

Senior Coliving

Senior Coliving

By 2060, one in three French people will be over 60 years old, and could be faced with the dilemma of continuing to live normally with

Rental investment advice

Rental investment advice

Need advice on rental investment? Ever Invest gathers for you some testimonies of investors satisfied with their project set up with our teams.

Taxation of rental investments

The taxation of a rental investment is a labyrinth in which it is advisable to know how to find one's way in order to ensure the profitability of one's investments. At what

New rental investment

New rental investment

A new rental investment is, at the beginning, more expensive than an investment in the old one, but it allures many candidates eager to invest in a property of

Family Office Real Estate

Family office real estate

A real estate family office is an entity entirely dedicated to the wealth management of a wealthy family. These offices tend to develop today, because they

Investment advice

Looking for investment advice? You are at the right place! In this article, Ever Invest, the start-up specializing in rental property investment

How to invest in real estate

How to invest in a property?

For several years now, the European Union (EU), through the intermediary of the European Central Bank (ECB), has been committed to keeping interest rates historically low. Indeed,

The importance of rental yield

The importance of rental yield

Real estate investment or rental investment is a financial investment solution with many advantages: building a profitable estate, preparing for retirement, becoming independent

Coliving presentation

What is coliving?

Living together, in the same living space, sharing expenses, this already exists, and is called coliving. But coliving goes further

Everything you need to know about rental investment

Choosing your rental investment

The rental real estate investment fascinates the candidates to the fortune, because the rates of return which it lets hope are very higher than those of a financial investment

How to achieve maximum profitability

How to get maximum profitability?

Should the fashion of the colocation, push to invest in this domain? Yes, because the rental demand is very high for this type of property

How to rent in a shared apartment

Renting in a shared apartment

Still limited to students a few years ago, renting in a shared apartment is a practice that is really taking off. From now on, it concerns all