Meeting your banker for a real estate loan

Meeting your banker for a real estate loan

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At the time of a request for real loan, it is possible to apprehend the meeting with its banker. Indeed, the stake through this meeting is important because it will determine if yes or no, the investor is able to carry out the operation which he wishes. Thus, it is preferable to prepare for it in order to put all the chances on his side.

Preparation of the file

Meet with your bankerIn addition to the aspects that your file must have in order to negotiate your creditThe form of the latter must be irreproachable. This means that it must be neat, complete and rigorously done. To convince the interlocutor, the annuitant will have to provide a file including : His identity, the detailed description of his project, the time frame of the claimed financing, his assets, his borrowing capacity, his account statements, etc. This can be done with a bank in differential method or traditional.

Know your project perfectly

The banker's trust cannot be gained if the person in front of him does not master his subject or stammers. You must therefore not neglect any detail of the file, even if some seem to be secondary compared to others, and above all you must practice (in front of a mirror, in front of relatives), because any element can become decisive during the meeting.

Making a good impression

The acceptance of the loan application will be based on objective criteria such as personal situation, financial capacities and expected results of the project. But also on subjective criteria, if the banker sees in front of him someone with great confidence in his project and very convincing, he will be more likely to accept his request. The non-verbal aspect will also be of primary importance, as in any interview.

In addition, to put the chances on your side, it is preferable to present yourself as a professional, the outfit will undoubtedly have an impact because it will show respect towards the banker and the importance of the project for the investor.

In short...

In short, with the fall in interest rates, many investors wish to buy an apartment or a house for rental investment or residence, seeing it as a way to make good real estate deals. Nevertheless, it can become more delicate to succeed in negotiating your loan because of the number of candidates that are increasing. It is thus necessary to succeed in standing out by bringing to the banker a pledge of confidence and safety in its file. To do this, you must prepare your meeting with the banker so as not to leave anything to chance.

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