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When one wishes to buy an apartment in Paris, one must choose the location. So even if this choice is guided by money, the buyer will look for the district which will correspond to him the most. To better understand these districts, it is interesting to trace their history.

arrondissement parisThe districts of Paris are victims of some clichés that can be explained with history. For example, the Western boroughs are known to be those of the rich as opposed to the boroughs further north. This distinction actually comes from the industrial revolution.

1st district

The first arrondissement of Paris is located in the center of the capital. It is home to many historical monuments such as the Louvre Museum, the Place Vendôme, the Palais Royal and many others. It embodies the omnipresence of culture in Paris.

2nd district

To the east of the first, the second arrondissement of Paris is known for the Palais Brongniart, where the Paris Stock Exchange used to be located. Fashion is also very present in this district with the famous Rue de la Paix.

3rd district

In the continuation of the snail, we find the third district where the famous Marais district is located. There are some important buildings such as the National Archives, the Picasso Museum, the Carreau du Temple and others.

IVth district

The fourth arrondissement is very touristic with the Ile de la Cité, the Ile Saint Louis and the Notre de Dame cathedral. Tourists come to discover its stone architecture and its streets reminding the Middle Ages.

5th district

With the fifth arrondissement, we go to the left bank. It is known for its Latin Quarter, but also for its students with the Sorbonne, Polytechnique but also the high schools Louis Legrand or Henri IV among others. It is one of the richest districts in terms of its history, its monuments and its cultural institutions.

6th district

Two places stand out when you talk about the sixth arrondissement, the Luxembourg Gardens and the Saint Germain des Prés district. One goes to this district to find the Parisian elegance, with its architecture, its terraces, gardens...

7th district

Living in the 7th arrondissement is probably more expensive than in any other arrondissement. Of course, it is home to the most famous monument in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. But the district has other strings to its bow with its administrative buildings or the Faubourg Saint Germain.

8th district

On the right bank, this district is home to our President of the Republic at the Palais de l'Elysée. But there are also very prestigious places like the famous avenue des Champs-Elysées or the Arc de Triomphe. This district represents the Parisian luxury in the whole world.

9th district

The ninth arrondissement is one of the most pleasant districts to live in because of its many shops, theaters and restaurants. One can find there buildings of high standing with the Opera Garnier or towards the large Boulevards.

Xth district

Its strategic position, between the Grands Boulevards, Bastille, Stalingrad and the Place de la République, makes this district close to many attractions. It is therefore very popular, mainly with students looking for roommates in large Haussmannian buildings.

XIth district

The eleventh arrondissement is certainly not the Parisian arrondissement with the most monuments to visit but it has a lively atmosphere that makes it a trendy arrondissement. This is even more true towards the Bastille district.

12th district

The twelfth arrondissement is located in the east of Paris near the immense Vincennes wood. This off-center district is not unpleasant to live in, being rather quiet.

XIIIth district

The 13th arrondissement of Paris is known for its Asian community with Chinatown. It is a district little visited by the tourists and which evolves with the project Paris Left Bank.

XIVth district

The fourteenth arrondissement, known as the home of the Montparnasse tower, its train station and its cemetery, as well as the catacombs, is a rather residential district. It has districts where it is pleasant to live.

XVth district

The fifteenth arrondissement is the largest of the capital and is located in the southwest. It is mainly residential and is also the most populated district. It is a pleasant place to live for families with many schools.

16th district

The 16th arrondissement is without a doubt the one with the strongest reputation. It represents a comfortable living environment with beautiful Haussmannian buildings. In addition, there is a lot of greenery with of course the Bois de Boulogne but also the Trocadero garden.

XVIIth district

In the competition of the most bourgeois arrondissement of Paris, the seventeenth arrondissement is close to the sixteenth. Life there is also very calm, often compared to a village.

18th district

The eighteenth arrondissement is very contrasted. Very popular in some places, on the side of Barbes for example, and very touristy towards Montmartre. Other areas, like Pigalle, have a strong reputation even though the atmosphere is changing.

XIXth district

The nineteenth arrondissement is located in the northeast of the capital. It is quite pleasant to live in with different atmospheres and populations depending on the districts of the district.

XXth district

The twentieth and last arrondissement of Paris is located to the east of the City of Light. It is home to modest populations but also to trendy young people who are arriving more and more in the districts of the arrondissement.

In conclusion...

Paris has with its 20 districts very diverse atmospheres which makes it possible to make a choice when one does not know where to buy in Paris. To make your choice you will have to go through many apartment visits in order to choose thereal estate investment that will suit you.

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