Our history


Pierre and Maxime, one from 1818 and the other from JLL, decided to launch an innovative service at the time: turnkey rental investment. As their first office, they share a table in their living room. Ever Invest was born.


Ever Invest is rapidly developing around two pillars: sourcing properties at a discount to the market and then transforming them into optimized ultra-designed spaces. On the picture, our first completed studio in Boulogne-Billancourt!


New recruits arrive and with them our first offices in Madeleine! This is also the year we develop a property platform for our investors and our first rental investment algorithm.


Strong growth, second change of offices! Brice joins the team and takes over the operational management. This is the year of the implementation of many processes that will improve the service at each step.


The competition is growing and Ever Invest is displaying a more premium positioning (personalized hunting, stricter selection of assets, design, choice of high-quality materials and finally more conservative rental assumptions).


Release of our first Colivings, an investment that is still very little known in France. We are also strongly developing our real estate expertise and are opening several new cities: Reims and Troyes.


Ever Invest continues its development around two axes: highly personalized premium hunting and the development of new investment products. Finally, we open the cities of Amiens and Le Mans.